Angle/Movement is all the rage these days in skydiving. We will be hosting a beginner/intermediate angle camp to build the skills necessary to safely participate in angle jumps. Most angle camps require a C license/200 jump minimum. We want this camp to be accessible to our newer jumpers so that they can learn from the best in a safe environment.
Expect to do 6 jumps/day with 40 minute calls in between. Beginner groups will be 3:1 student to instructor, intermediate 4:1.
If you cannot commit to all three days, we can be flexible.
Cost: $300 per person plus jumps
License: B license a bare minimum requirement, since the goal of angle flying is to open somewhere off of jump run to avoid opening under freefall groups. Jumpers may need to manipulate their canopies to make it back from long spots, crosswind/headwinds, or worst case scenario pick a safe spot to land off. These topics are not covered in AFF but are covered in the B license canopy course.
Equipment: Gear recommendations would be freefly friendly rig (pillow reserve handle, main pilot chute tuck tab). Hard gear requirements are AAD, audible altimeter (you’re not looking at your wrist altimeter at all on angle jumps).


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