frequently asked questions

General Questions

Skydive Raleigh has a strict no refund policy so please be certain of your desire to jump and have a flexible schedule to account for weather cancellations. If you can no longer use your reservation for health purposes we can issue a gift certificate good for 5 years which may be transferred to another party.

We understand that life happens and that unforeseen circumstances may make it impossible for you to skydive on the date and time that you booked. Please call/text us at (919)-424-8276 or send us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to reschedule you for a later date. Please note that there is a $50 surcharge for cancelling your booking less than 24 hours from your scheduled jump time.

Absolutely! You can purchase a gift certificate by using the Gift Card button at the top of your screen and choosing a pre-set dollar amount or a custom dollar amount of your choosing. Once you have checked out, you'll be given a 5-6 character code that can be used by the person you are gifting to during their booking process. All they need to do when it comes time to pay, is click the "Have a coupon?" link and enter the code.

Tandem Skydiving

In the United States you must be at least 18 years of age to skydive at USPA group member drop zones. There are no exceptions to this rule even if a parent or guardian provides consent.

If you are height and weight proportionate, we can take tandem students skydiving that are 220 lbs or less. If you are above 220 lbs we may be able to take you skydiving for a surcharge with an appropriately sized tandem instructor on a case by case basis. Please call for details.

We recommend you wear athletic wear appropriate for the temperature the day of your jump. You cannot jump with flip flops or open toed shoes, sneakers are typically the best foot wear for skydiving. We will provide a jumpsuit, gloves, goggles and hat if you need them to stay warm or protect your clothing.

Yes! We have goggles that will fit over your glasses and seal around your eyes to keep wind out of your eyes.

While you are welcome to use your phone or GoPro on the ground prior to your jump, once you head to the boarding area, you may not have your phone or GoPro with you. The USPA requires any skydiver to have at least 200 jumps before using a camera in free fall.

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your skydive to take care of any paperwork or payment necessary. You should also plan to be at the drop zone for at least 3 hours. While we strive to get customers up much faster than 3 hours, wind, clouds and other logistical delays are possible.

Weather in NC can change quickly and forecasts are rarely accurate more than a day or two out. Our staff will make contact the day before a jump day when we know the weather is not conducive to skydiving to coordinate a reschedule. If weather comes in unexpectedly during the day, we do our best to contact customers who have not begun their trip to the dropzone. If customers are already onsite, we ask that they wait at least 3 hours for the weather to clear before rescheduling to another date.

While we definitely can accommodate multiple tandem skydivers on our aircraft, we can only guarantee groups of three can be on the same plane load. During our weekend we can typically accommodate larger groups than during the week but please call or text us to coordinate a large group jump. Typically we cannot take any more than 6 tandems on a single plane load due to weight and balance concerns.

Unfortunately for safety reasons we cannot be in close proximity with other tandem skydivers and separate each tandem student by time and space according to the winds at altitude.

Licensed Skydivers

Yes! We love our licensed skydivers and fun jumpers!

That depends. Do you have at least 200 logged and signed off jumps in your log book? If so then yes its likely you can bring your GoPro on your jump assuming it doesnt stand out as a safety hazard due to the method or manner that it is mounted to you.

We welcome all forms of licensed skydiving including but not limited to free-flying, wind suiting, flocking, relative work of all group sizes, high pulls and swooping.


You sure can! After having completed a Tandem skydive within the past calendar Year, your training starts with booking a First Jump Course and going through a 4-6 hour training session on freefall, equipment, emergency procedures, parachute flight and landing just to name a few topics. Following your training, you will take to the sky that very same day weather permitting with two certified accelerated free fall instructors for your very first skydive! Please see our Learn to Skydive section of the website for more info!

You must be at least 18 to skydive at a USPA affiliated dropzone in the United states. However there is no upper age limit! If you have the athletic and mental capacity to be safe in the sky, we can help you get licensed!

To get your A-License you'll need 25 training jumps with accelerated free fall instructors and coaches. After you've obtained your A-license, your subsequent licenses can be obtained with 50 (B-License), 200 (C-License) and 500 (D-License) jumps. There are other requirements besides the number of jumps you have to obtain the licenses mentioned above so please talk to our staff for more information


Skydive Raleigh does have a limited number of bunks available for rent. Each bed is $20/night and is in a common space format with up to 5 other individuals.

Yes we have a bath house with multiple showers available. We ask that you bring your own towels and toiletries and make sure to clean up after yourself so everyone can continue to enjoy a clean environment.

We do allow onsite camping. We have spaces set aside for both tents and campers but space for campers is limited. Prices for tents are $5/night with a 7 night maximum stay. Prices for campers are $50/week with a 7 night maximum stay. Please call/text (919)-424-8276 or email [email protected] for the most up to date pricing and availability.